The Simpsons become lost in Italy, finding their way to a small town that Sideshow Bob has become the mayor of. Lisa: He's getting away! "The Great Louse Detective" is the sixth episode of the fourteenth season of the American animated television sitcom The Simpsons. He is voiced by Kelsey Grammer and first appeared briefly in the episode "The Telltale Head". Tired of bands that sound the same song after song, boring you with what music they think is popular? sideshow bob's wife and son If this is your first visit to the No Homers Club, be sure to check out the FAQ page. Bob’s parents have appeared in only one episode (season 19’s “Funeral for a Fiend”), though his mother was mentioned in previous ones. SIDESHOW BOB IS INSIDE! SIDESHOW: "Oh, I'll stay away from your son alright - stay away forever! The reveal that the perpetrator was the son of Frank Grimes was pretty well-done, though. Greta, Wolfcastle's daughter. SideshowBob. Grady and Julio, two gay men. Francesca Terwilliger, Sideshow Bob's wife. PAROLE PANEL LADY: "Oh! Sideshow Bob’s family tree is a surprisingly well crafted piece of Simpsons lore, and in this episode they add John Mahoney to the mix as the Terwilliger patriarch. On The Simpsons. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on December 15, 2002. In the season 6 episode, Sideshow Bob Roberts, Bob was released again and ran against Mayor Quimby for mayor of Springfield (with the help from Mr. Burns and the Springfield Republican Party). After the event however he was made permanent and can now be unlocked by completing the Flaw and Order questline. Robert Underdunk Terwilliger Jr, a.k.a. Oakley shares that the 'Sideshow Bob Roberts' episode during the sixth season of the show first aired in 1994 - and was scripted by both him and Josh Weinstein. Eeeugheeugheueoo!" LISA SIMPSON."] As Bob began a speech on krusty's 'behalf', it was then that the pieces of the puzzle finally kicked into barts intelect, slowly figuring out that Sideshow Bob was behind the robbery all the time and that he framed krusty for it. Sideshow Bob/Bart Simpson (16) Sideshow Bob & Bart Simpson (5) Homer Simpson/Marge Simpson (4) Robert Edward O. Speedwagon/Squidward Tentacles (4) Nelson Muntz/Lisa Simpson (3) Sideshow Bob/Francesca Terwilliger (3) Lisa Simpson/Milhouse Van Houten (2) Ned Flanders/Edna Krabappel (2) Milhouse Van Houten/Original Female Character(s) (2) Bob is somewhat tall and has a potbelly, but he has skinny arms and legs. She tries to help find the real killer for real justice & get Bob out. Sideshow Bob- Certainly has the intellect to raise hell considering his rigging of an election and escaping prison and getting his hands on a nuke where he forced Springfield to kill off all TV broadcasts for a time yet his plans were always foiled thanks to PIS. He has also attempted to blow up Springfield, but mended his ways twice, thrwarting his brothers plans to flood Springfield and helping homer find the man who was trying to kill him (Frank Grimes' son). The episode "Brother from Another Series" (season eight, 1997) reveals that Bob only received the job after his younger brother Cecil failed an audition, because Krusty considered Bob to be a perfect comic foil. Bart : [looking at Chief Wiggum] I'd hate to tell the number-one cop in town how to do his job. When she does become aware, she helps Bob try to kill the Simpsons family. MARGE: "You awful man! Sideshow Bob Roberts Edit. Sideshow Bob is a character released on April 28, 2015 during Terwilligers 2015 Event. God, the all mighty. Sideshow Bob: Selma, I don't know what to say... Selma Just tell me you like McGyver. Robert Underdunk Terwilliger, better known as Sideshow Bob is, along with Mr. Burns, one of the main antagonists in the animated TV series The Simpsons.He is voiced by Kelsey Grammer.. The character of Sideshow Bob began his career as the non-speaking sidekick on Krusty the Clown's television show. No one who speaks German could be an evil man!" Robert "Bob" Underdunk Terwilliger, Jr., better known by his stage name, Sideshow Bob, is a self-proclaimed genius, member of the Republican Party, champion of high culture, Bart Simpson's archnemesis and former children's entertainer turned criminal mastermind. Anastasia, tiger pet of Gunter and Ernst. Don't worry son. They have a son named Gino Terwilliger. You must register as a member before you … 271d Rob Dawson. Not long after the robbery, bob began shooting an interview on Krusty's condition with Bart Simpson, Homer's son. Sideshow Bob : Bart, I must know how did you untangle my web? 18 yr old Lisa seems to be the only one of Springfield who believes Bob's innocent pleas. Scroll down for videos Bob can't stay with us. Sideshow Bob Roberts. -- A certain plucky eight-year-old, is how, "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming" Sideshow Bob cuts through the side of the blimp which deflates. This man is trying to kill me so much. Visit our Help Desk or call 1.855.SIDESHOW Intl: 1.805.214.2157 Series content, product specifications, release dates and pricing are subject to change. Directed by Mark Kirkland. An evil genius who has tried to kill; Bart Simpson; Selma Bouviere; Krusty the Klown (x2) and probably others. Francesca Terwilliger (née Vendetto) is Sideshow Bob's wife. Sideshow Bob: Before you die, perhaps you'd like to know how I engineered my ultimate revenge. When he was young, Cecil was ignored repeatedly by his parents, and instead compared to Bob, similar to the rest of his life. SIDESHOW BOB'S LAST GLEAMING - Sideshow Bob's fifth outing sure is a good one. Sideshow Bob finally kills Bart Simpson. In the episode, the Simpson family wins a free spa weekend, and Homer is nearly killed when a mysterious figure locks him in a sauna. 7h … Sideshow Bob Roberts “I don't agree with his Bart-killing policy, but I do approve of his Selma-killing policy.” Homer Simpson votes for Sideshow Bob "Sideshow Bob Roberts" is the fifth episode of Season 6. To this end, Bob brainwashes Bart ala The Manchurian Candidate so that Bart can be used as Bob’s tool to murder the pair of them. 1. Bah. Spurs too reliant on Kane, Son to be considered contenders. Biography. Stray observation The Simpsons tune in to the Fox News Yule Log, which consists of a pile of burning books and documents (Darwin, Rachel Carson, the Bill Of Rights, the Constitution, Emily Post). 505 likes. About [edit | edit source]. Instead of spending his whole time attempting to kill Bart, he and Homer try and figure out who Homer’s attempted murderer is (it was the son of Frank Grimes) before Bob realizes he actually can’t bring himself to kill Bart anyway. At first she knew nothing of her husband's multiple murder attempts. In the season 6 episode, Sideshow Bob Roberts, Bob was released again and ran against Mayor Quimby for mayor of Springfield (with the help from Mr. Burns and the Springfield Republican Party).

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